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Michael Hathorn was born in Pietermaritzburg, Natal in 1922.  After schooling, he went to Wits University in Johannesburg, and qualifie... read more
Abdullah Haron was born on 8 February 1924 in Newlands-Claremont, an area which in the late twentieth century became a very prosperous comme... read more
Hassan Howa was born in 1922 in Cape Town, into a large working-class family. He matriculated from Trafalgar High School in District Six, af... read more
William Andrew Hofmeyr, popularly known as Advocate Willie Hofmeyr, was born on 22 November 1954 in Cape Town, South Africa[i] . After matri... read more
Born in Cape Town in 1920. In the late 1930s while still at school he became an active member of the Communist Party, speaking at public mee... read more
Jan Hendrik Hofmeyer Hoogendyk was born in 1911 into a strict 'dopper' home. Hoogendyk was married to Jackie, an accountant. He enli... read more
James “Jobe” John Hadebe was born on 29 October 1923 in Frankfort in the Orange Free State. The son of a clerk and descendant of... read more
Michael Alan Harmel, born to Irish immigrant parents, became a radical socialist, fiercely opposed to racism while studying at Rhodes Univer... read more
Isaac 'Ike' Osler Horvitch was born on 9 October 1920, in Cape Town, South Africa. Ike Horvitch's politics were fashioned out of... read more
A published and a principal figure in the Afrikaner Bond. However as a political moderate, he worked closely with Rhodes until the Jame... read more
Professor Sir Raymond (Bill) Hoffenberg was born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province (now Eastern Cape) on 16 March 1923. He went to school... read more