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Dorothy Joan Wright was born in Pretoria in 1911. Wright was the daughter of Dorothy Kay and studied under Francis Pickford-Marriott at the... read more
George Matthias Winkles was born in Birmingham, England, 1859. Winkles came to SA in 1889 to help a widowed sister stranded on the Kimberley... read more
Honorine Margaret (Mabel) Withers was born in 1870 in London, England. Mabel Withers studied at the RCA and exhibited in London before comin... read more
Cecil Williams was born in Cornwall, England in 1906. Williams whose father was a blacksmith left Cornwall for Johannesburg in 1928. After h... read more
Walter Gilbert Wiles was born in Cambridge, England in 1875. Wiles was one of the five artist-sons of the sculptor Henry Wiles. Of all the f... read more
Frank Wiles was born in Cambridge, England, 1881. Frank Wiles was the son of sculptor Henry Wiles and the brother or W. G. Wiles. Prior to... read more
Eli Weinberg was born in 1908 in the port of Libau, in Latvia on the Baltic Sea. He experienced the First World War and the October Revoluti... read more
Moebien Wadee was born in Sophiatown in 1943. He schooled in the area before his family moved to Kliptown. He studied medicine at Glasgow Un... read more
Of Lithuanian Jewish extraction, Louis Washkansky came to South Africa aged 9, and became a grocer in Cape Town’s Greenpoint area. Was... read more
Monica Wilson's parents, Scots Presbyterian missionaries, emigrated to Lovedale at the end of the 19th century; Monica was born there on... read more
Douglas G Wolton was a leader of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) from 1931 to 1933. He was born in Yorkshire, England,... read more