Mzukisi Sompeta (37) was from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape. He began working for Lonmin around 2006.

On 16 August 2012 Mzukisi was killed at scene 1 after being shot twice in the shoulder by the police.

Mzukisi was the breadwinner in his family and supported his mother, father, sister, two brothers, two nieces, nephew and young daughter. His father died about two months after he was killed.

According to his mother, Nomawabo Mabhengu Sompeta, “Every month we received money for groceries and clothes from him. He was in the process of building us a house, which he would have continued working on when he came home for his annual leave. His father was once a mineworker and supported us just like my son did. My son used to give us money for his father’s medical care. His father passed away [on 22 October 2012]”.

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