Nkosiyabo Xalabile (30) was from Elliotdale in the Eastern Cape. He began working for Lonmin around 2004.

On 16 August 2012 Nkosiyabo was killed at scene 2 after being shot in his thigh and buttock by the police.

He was the sole breadwinner in the family and left behind his wife, mother, sister and two nieces. He had been married to his wife, Lilita Xalabile, for little over a month when he was killed. He had just returned to work after two weeks leave to prepare for the wedding, which took place on 7 July 2012.

According to his mother, Nonezile Xalabile, “During the period of 11 to 15 August 2012, he complained that things at the mine were bad, tense, and difficult. I remember vividly that he told Lilita and I that the police were interfering in the strike and had threatened workers by saying ‘ abomama nabafazi benu bazozila ’ [the mineworkers’ mothers and wives will mourn their deaths]. This threat turned into reality when the police shot the workers which resulted in my son’s death.”

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