Swami Nagappen Padayachee

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Swami Nagappen
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Nagappen was about 18 years old when he was sentenced on 21 June 1909 to the 3 pounds or ten days imprisonment with hard labour for hawking without a permit. After spending a night at the Fort he was made to walk to the Jukskei Road Prison Camp, 26km away. He was discharged from the camp on the 30th June and died on 6 th July of double pneumonia and resultant heart failure. His body was full of bruises and weals. Fellow prisoners reported that he had been physically abused in prison by at least one warden, and that his illness was neglected by the prison authorities and he was still expected to carry out his hard labour sentence, this ultimately lead to his death. Despite all the evidence, the official enquiry exonerated the prison officials and rejected the allegations of the appalling conditions in the Camp.

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