Thabiso Johannes Thelejane (55) was from Pabellong, Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. He began working for Lonmin in October 2011.

On 16 August 2012 Mr Thelejane was killed at scene 2. He was shot 3 times by the police – twice in the back of his head and in his buttock.

He left behind his wife, two children and a grandson. He was the sole breadwinner for his family who were all financially dependent on him. Because Mr Thelejane was employed by a labour broker, Lonmin refused to acknowledge responsibility for his death and would not provide support for his dependents' education.

According to his wife, Mrs Thelejane, "He went to the Koppie just like the other strikers carrying his stick; the stick that he carried everywhere he went. Can you call that illegal? Therefore I blame the police for their actions. Killing human beings like that was unforgiveable. This would also never have happened if Lonmin took up their responsibilities and listened to their employees. None of this would have happened - I blame them"

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