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Alfred Milner, a statesman and colonial administrator, became Governor of the Cape and High Commissioner of South Africa in 1897. He pushed... read more
In 1899 Emily Hobhouse was appointed secretary of the South African Conciliation Committee, which was a group that opposed the British gover... read more
Pallo Zweledinga Jordan was born on 22 May 1942 in B Location, Kroonstad, in the Orange Free State. His father, Dr Archibald Campbell Jordan... read more
Peter Cyril Jones was born in 1950 on 7th of December in Somerset West in Western Cape.Jones after completing high school in 1976,he became... read more
John David Rheinallt Jones was born in 1884 in Carnarvonshire, Wales, the son of a minister, and immigrated to South Africa in 1905, imbued... read more
Abdullah Haron was born on 8 February 1924 in Newlands-Claremont, an area which in the late twentieth century became a very prosperous comme... read more
Dr Essop Essak Jassat, the second of three children, was born on 5 October 1932 in 11th Street Vrededorp, Johannesburg. Both of his parents... read more
Mkhuseli Jack was born on the farm Mosskraal in Humansdorp on 31 May 1958.  Jack was the second youngest of eight children of Fikile an... read more
John Tengo Jabavu was born on 11 January  in 1859 near the Methodist mission school at Healdtown district. His parents, though poor, we... read more
Alexander Macaulay Jabavu was born in 1889 in King William's Town, he was the second son of John Tengo Jabavu. After studying at Loveda... read more
Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu (D. D. T) Jabavu was born in the Cape Colony in 20 October in 1885. He was the eldest son of John Tengo Jabavu, a... read more