Boxall was a music teacher and lecturer, who wanted to open up music education to all children. She saw music as essential in education, and... read more
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Epainette Nomaka Mbeki (née Moerane), known as MaMbeki, was born in February 1916 in Mangoloaneng, in the Sotho-speaking section of the Moun... read more
Basetsana Makgalemele, former Miss Soweto and Miss Black South Africa, was crowned Miss SA in 1994. The event is memorable as it coincided w... read more
Janet Burnside Soga was born on 18 March 1827 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow. She was the eldest daughter of Alan Burnside and Isabelle Kirkland.... read more
Nnoseng Ellen Kate Khuzwayo was born on the 29th of June 1914 in Lesotho. She grew up on her grandfather's farm in Thaba Nchu and inherited... read more
Wilhelmina Louisa Ida (Minna) Freund was born on 17 March 1890 in Holstein, Germany. She was the youngest child of John Freund and Metha Men... read more
De Villiers was an educator and author. She was an editor of the Dictionary of the Afrikaans language, the first and only female principal o... read more
Izak de Villiers was born in Paarl on 30 July 1936. He attended Paarl Gymnasium, a school for which he maintained a lifelong passion. He was... read more
Mizream Maseko (also documented as Mizraim, Mizriam, Mizram) was born on 10 June 1927. Maseko began his career as a house painter after comp... read more
Sindiwe Magona was born on 23 August 1943, in the village of Gungululu in rural Eastern Cape (formerly Transkei). The first born of eight ch... read more
Moses Josiah Madiba was born 22 November 1909 in Seshego, Pietersburg District. He was one of the seven children of Jesaya Sekgoadi and Joha... read more