Malebogo (Kgalusi Seketa Masilo Ratshatsha Malaboch) was chief of the Bahananwa chiefdom, a group of the Tswana peoples. Lebogo led the Baha... read more
Sobhuza I was the first king of the Swazi people as we know the group today. He was born in Swaziland in 1795 and succeeded his father, Ndvu... read more
Autshumao also known as Herry the strandloper (beach walker), he was chief and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas. In 1630 he was taken to Ban... read more
Paramount Chief of the Mthethwa and leader of various northern Nguni groups who lived in the Zululand area before Shaka brought th... read more
Sekonyela was born in 1804 in Harrismith next to the Wilge River. He was born in the royal family and later became the Chief of the Batlokwa... read more
Princess Magogo was born in 1900, the daughter of the Zulu King, Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo (1868 – 1913) and Queen Silomo. In 192... read more
Mpande was king of the Zulu nation from 1840 to 1872, making him the longest reigning Zulu king. He was a half-brother of Shaka and Dingane,... read more
Anton Edward Rupert was born on 4 October 1916 in Graaff-Reinet in the south-central Karoo. He enrolled at the University of Pretoria for a... read more
Isaiah Shembe was born at Ntabamhlophe near Escourt in the Drakensberg region (near Giants Castle). His forefathers had settled there to esc... read more
David Thebehali was born on 3 June 1938 in Orlando East, Soweto. His parents were among the earliest residents of Soweto. From 1945 to... read more
David Stuurman was born around 1773, probably near the Gamtoos River in the Eastern Cape. From the 17th century onwards, the Khoi and San pe... read more
Georg Schmidt was born in Kunewalde on 30 September 1709 as the son of a peasant family. He was converted to Christianity at the age of 16.... read more