Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu (D. D. T) Jabavu was born in the Cape Colony in 20 October in 1885. He was the eldest son of John Tengo Jabavu, a... read more
John Tengo Jabavu was born on 11 January  in 1859 near the Methodist mission school at Healdtown district. His parents, though poor, we... read more
Timothy Peter Jenkin was born in 1948 in Cape Town, where he lived until his arrest in 1978. He is a University of Cape Town graduate and in... read more
Peter Cyril Jones was born in 1950 on 7th of December in Somerset West in Western Cape.Jones after completing high school in 1976,he became... read more
Helen Beatrice May Fennell was born in Easebourne, United Kingdom, in 1905. She grew up in London, with her parents and brother, Frank. She... read more
Born in 1927 Joseph was a photographer. He served two months' imprisonment during the Defiance Campaign for defying railway aparth... read more
Plaatjies Paul Joseph was on 1st of June in 1930 in Ferreirastown,Johannesburg.Joseph joined the Transvaal Indian Congress Youth League as a... read more
Milner Langa Kabane was born in the Transkei. Kabane studied at Healdtown.  He was one of the first students to enroll at the Universit... read more
Ronald Kasrils was born in Yeoville, Johannesburg, on 15 November 1938.  His grandparents were immigrants from Latvia and Lithuania, wh... read more
Eleanor Kasrils was born in Scotland in 1936.  She came to Durban as an infant. In March 1960, Ronnie Kasrils, later, her husband,... read more
Ahmed Mohamed "Kathy" Kathrada was born on 21 August 1929, to Indian immigrant parents in Schweizer Reneke, a small town in Western Transvaa... read more
National organiser of the African National Congress (ANC) in the mid-1950s and later a prominent figure in Transkei politics, Tshu... read more