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Nomava Eslinah Shangase was born in Pondoland on 9 May 1931. Shangase qualified as a nurse at King Edward Hospital in Durban. As a nurse, in... read more
Florence Elizabeth “Mam Flo” Mnumzana was born on 21 February 1919, into the Mhinga traditional royal family, in Mhinga Village, Limpopo, wh... read more
Manu Herbstein was born in 1936 in Muizenburg in the Western Cape. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B.Sc in Engineering... read more
Walter Benson Rubusana was born on 21 February 1858 at Mnandi in the Somerset East district of the then Cape Colony. His father was a senior... read more
Mosibudi Aaron Mangena was born on 7 August 1947 in Tzaneen, in the Northern Province (now Limpopo) to Tlodipyane Makwela and Tebele Rephard... read more
Alfred Bitini Xuma was born on 8 March 1893, in Manzana, Ngcobo District, in the Eastern Province (now Eastern Cape). Xuma was the seventh c... read more
Professor Chris Barnard led the team which performed the first human-to-human heart transplantation operation at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cap... read more
Andersen came to SA when his mariner father settled at Saldahna Bay in 1911. In 1914 his family went to Durban, and he studied engineering.... read more
Dr Vosloo was South Africa's first female heart surgeon. She joined the heart team at the Groote Schuur hospital in 1984, and completed her... read more
She was a daughter of John Cobela Ntuli and his wife, and was born at Mapumulo Mission Station (between Stanger and Kranskop), Natal, probab... read more
Jobodwana was the first and youngest Black woman to graduate from a South African university. She enrolled at Fort Hare University at the ag... read more