Origanal Khoikhoi name for Rietfontein. It was origanally established as a mission station by the London Missionary... read more
Aalwynkop is a hill or mountain peak, 5km west of Belfour and 20km south-east of Heidelberg, in the Gauteng Province of... read more
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Railway siding between Kommadagga and Sailtaire.
Settlement on the Nuy River, 7km from Worcestor. The name is Dutch for 'at the thorns'.
Found north of the Olifants River, 7km east of De Rust. The name is Afrikaans in origin and means 'pleasant'.
a ravine!
A ravine 10km south-west of Kwaggafontein. The name is Afrikaans for 'monkey ravine'.
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Watercourse extending east and west, 14km west of Brandfort. Afrikaans for 'water-vein thorn stream'. The name is... read more
Rocks in water in Holbaai, 6km west of Betty's Bay Name comes from Afrikaans meaning 'bait bank'.
10 km south-east of Kirkwood and north of the Sunday's River. The name recorded as early as 1778 is of Khoikhoi... read more


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