The main building of the SA Army College was designed in a so-called block-house style and its cornerstone was laid by... read more
This memorial is built on Bay Hills and offers a clear view of the Air Force Base at Zwartskop. The outline of the... read more
The Sabi Sands Game Reserve is a 65,000 hectare reserve, pioneered by local landowners in the 1950s, and shares a... read more
This bronze artifice, cast by the Bocarro family foundry in Macao, also known as the Miracle Cannon, was salvaged in... read more
Sada (Xhosa word meaning “at last”), a Township about 30km North of Seymour and 3km South of Whittlesea, was first... read more
Sahlumbe, a Settlement along the Tugela River, about 23km from Weenen and on the edge of Msinga district was... read more
The exact date when the Village of Salt River was established is not known but in 1665 the Settlement is recorded to... read more
The Sammy Marks Museum is a Victorian Mansion called Zwartkoppies Hall, situated about 23km outside Pretoria. The 48-... read more
"One of my favorite Wild Coast destinations is Msikaba. It's also relatively near the wreck site of the 900 ton... read more


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