The Structure was erected at the turn of the 20th Century and has prominent Victorian Architectural features. It was... read more
The House dates from the latter part of the 19th Century and has some fine Bay Windows. It was declared a National... read more
The House was Erected at the turn of the 19th Century and is one of the earliest Structures to have been Built in... read more
The construction of this double-storey House dates from the 1880s, probably at the behest of CG Prince. It has a number... read more
The House was originally designed as a single-storey structure and was extended in 1912 when a second storey was added... read more
The double-storey Structure was erected soon after the turn of the 20th Century, and is endowed with a number of... read more
This House was probably erected in 1895 and has a number of prominent Architectural features including an unusual... read more
This is a double-storey manor House designed by Architect P Piekes. Erected in 1904-05, it is an excellent example of... read more
This row, of Double-storey Semi-detached Residences is presumed to have been erected in 1881 as part of a speculative... read more


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