The House was designed and built by the Architect William Street-Wilson who was responsible for many notable... read more
These 9 dwellings form part of a unique Street Block that dates from the 1880s, and consisted of two terraced rows, of... read more
It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 18 February 1977.Over the past two Centuries, The... read more
Just behind “the Brickworks” is what is known as the Vlakfontein Monument.The Vlakfontein Monument was erected to... read more
The name Volksrust (the nation rests) is attributed to Dorie de Jager, Dirkie Uys' sister. The story goes that this... read more
This charming figure which stands in front of the Oranje Girls High School was sculpted by Laurika Postma. The... read more
  The Voortrekker Monument is located just South of Pretoria, in South Africa. This massive granite... read more
Vrede, 'the town of peace', lies between the North-Eastern Free State and the Mpumalanga border of Volksrust. It was... read more
The Vredefort Dome is the oldest and largest Meteorite Impact Site (Astrobleme) in the World. Formed an estimated 2000... read more


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