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Introduction The history of white colonial land dispossession began at the Cape with the expansion of the Dutch colonial settlement... read more
The 1973 strikes added momentum to organising work at Bolton Hall. The formation of a number of worker organisations and new unions,... read more
Pre-1804 Khoisan hunter gatherers are the first inhabitants of the region, before Sotho-Tswana peoples colonized the general region... read more
Although Apartheid only ‘officially’ started in 1948, repression was rife in South Africa long before that date. This special project... read more
This list of banished people forms part of a bigger feature on Banishment in South Africa. table.tableizer-table {border: 1px solid #... read more
Legal instruments through legislation, resolutions, proclamations and ordinances played a key role in legitimizing systematic land... read more
TRANSVAAL LABOUR ORGANISATIONS General and Allied Workers Union Municipal and General Workers Union Council of Unions of South Africa... read more
African National Congress Democratic Alliance Congress of the People Inkatha Freedom Party Independent Democrats United Democratic Movement... read more
  Cross border raids   1975  August  Invasion of Angola. 1978  4 May Air and ground... read more
African National Congress National Party Inkatha Freedom Party Freedom Front Democratic Party Pan Africanist Congress African Christian... read more
ANC-2nd Submission to TRC - APPENDIX FOUR Please note: Information in this list was drawn from press reports and the Annual Surveys of the... read more
Mandela and MK The late 1950s saw the first hints of an armed struggle occurring in certain parts of South Africa. Various types of armed... read more
Miriam Makeba: Activist on Two Fronts Abstract: Miriam Makeba is a Grammy award-winning singer. She is from Johannesburg and dedicated her... read more
A study of missionary settlement and the spread of Christianity in southern Africa during the period 1800 - 1925, including a piece on the... read more