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The history of the struggle against racial oppression and exclusion in South Africa is inextricably intertwined with the struggle of... read more
The Society of Young Africa (SOYA) held its opening conference on 20th December 1951. Led by I. B. Tabata, SOYA was closely linked to the... read more
The South African Party (SAP) led by former Republican generals Louis Botha and Jan Smuts won the 1910 general elections. The SAP won 63... read more
In September 1993, the South African legislature approved the setting up of a multiparty Transitional Executive Council (TEC) to manage... read more
On 3 March 1999, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, announced to the National Assembly (Parliament) that the... read more
The election was held on 14 April 2004 for 400 seats in the National Assembly. This was the country's third democratic non-racial general... read more
The 2009 national elections saw an increase in the number of voting stations from 14 650 in 1999 to 19 726 across South Africa. The... read more
South Africa’s first registration weekend for the 2014 National and Provincial elections was on the 9 and 10 November 2013. As at 25... read more
General elections will be held in South Africa on the 8th of May 2019 to elect a new National Assembly and new provincial legislatures in... read more
The South Africa Act passed by the British Parliament in 1909 combined the self-governing British colonies of the Natal, Cape, Transvaal... read more
By late February 1973, the spread of the strikes was the most significant development since Sharpeville and the turn to armed struggle.... read more
Date strike began Factory Demand 9 January 1973 Coronation Brick and Tile Factory Increase in the minimum wage from R8.97... read more
Introduction The Tricameral Parliament, a three-tiered assembly that presided over the last decade of Apartheid, was inaugurated to allow... read more
For several years, different liberation organisations debated engaging in armed struggle against the Apartheid state. Following the... read more
The Afrikaner ideal of a republic South Africa only became a Republic on the 31st May 1961, but the formation of a Republic had been the... read more