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In the pre-colonial period, 1880 to 1893, the Pondo people (Mpondo) formed part of the Xhosa ethnic group, but differed more
In 1894, Pondoland was annexed by the Cape Colony. It was one of the last occupied areas in South Africa. The area was more
The Pondo people were dispossessed of their land and they were forced to submit themselves to White control. In 1910, more
Labour migrancy from Pondoland began when labour recruiters started looking for people who were prepared to leave the more
Chief Rabbi Israel Abrahams was born on 12 March 1903 in Vilna, Lithuania. He was the son of Zecharya Alter more
  Please note: This biography is a modified extract from the following source: Bell, P. (1999) “Raymond more
Justice of the South African Constitutional Court 1994 -
João dos Santos Albasini was born in Lisbon, Portugal on 1 June 1813. Beside the fact that his father was a sea captain more
Arndt, the youngest son of Reverend Johannes Arndt and Luise Pauline Grutzner was born in Bloemfontein on 27 May 1899. more
Arndt was born in Canada in 1890 and died in South Africa in 1982. In South Africa, Arndt set about informing the more
This article was written by Michelle Hayman and forms part of the SAHO Public History Internship. The ‘People more
Autshumao also known as Herry the strandloper (beach walker), he was chief and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas. In more
Sara ‘Saartjie’ Baartman was born in 1789* at the Gamtoos river in what is now known as the Eastern Cape. She belonged more
If Ali Bacher's commitment to cricket had ended after his playing days, he would have had a proud place on the sport's more
Jan Gerritze Bantjes was born in Graaff-Reinet district. He was a member of Voortrekker leader Jacob de Clercq's more
Mohammed Cassim Bassa the estate agent and community leader was born on 11 August 1925 in India. He was the eighth of more
Allan Aubury Boesak was born at Kakamas, Northern Cape, one of eight children. His father, a schoolteacher, died when more
Joseph Booth was born in 1851 in Derby, England. A unique figure in the missionary history of central and southern more
The life of Maggie Bopalamo tracks the history of the Rustenburg area in a remarkable fashion. From humble more
Carel Boshoff was born on 9 November 1927, a second child from the second marriage of his father. He spent his early more
Richard Bourke was born on 4 May 1777 in Dublin, Ireland. During his army career he was promoted to Major-General and more


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