1906 The African National Congress (ANC) sends a delegation to the UK in response to the implementation of new land ...read more
1976 According to the government-appointed Cillie Commission of Enquiry 575 people died. Police action resulted in 451 ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 2000 2008 16 November, Billy Nair is given a given a state funeral in Durban, a ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1990-1999 1990 23 July, Billy Nair was detained following police allegations of an ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1980-1989 1980 Kay Moonsamy was sent to India to replace Mosie Moolla, as the African ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1970-1979 1970 HA Naidoo passes away while still in exile. 17 February, African Peoples ...read more
Between the 20th and 21st century, a number of people lost their lives in South Africa amid liberation struggle. ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1654-1899 1654 Slaves from India and South East Asia are introduced to the Cape. 1820 A ...read more
This is a collection of timelines of Indians in South Africa  from 1654 until 2008.