1976 According to the government-appointed Cillie Commission of Enquiry 575 people died. Police action resulted in 451 ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 2000 2008 16 November, Billy Nair is given a given a state funeral in Durban, a ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1990-1999 1990 23 July, Billy Nair was detained following police allegations of an ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1980-1989 1980 Kay Moonsamy was sent to India to replace Mosie Moolla, as the African ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1970-1979 1970 HA Naidoo passes away while still in exile. 17 February, African Peoples ...read more
Between the 20th and 21st century, a number of people lost their lives in South Africa amid liberation struggle. ...read more
Indian South Africans Timeline: 1654-1899 1654 Slaves from India and South East Asia are introduced to the Cape. 1820 A ...read more
This is a collection of timelines of Indians in South Africa  from 1654 until 2008.
The Yusuf Dadoo timeline includes the history of one the leading members of the South African communist movement. ...read more