Abstracts and papers: The Durban Moment - Revisiting politics, labour, youth and resistance in the 1970s


Alex Lichtenstein

From Durban to Wiehahn: Black Workers, Employers, and the State in South Africa during the 1970s

Andrew NashThe Moral Culture of Left Activism across Three Generations 

Bobby Godsell

The Durban Moment: A very personal reflection

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Dr Cornelius Thomas

Finding the ‘Durban Moment’ in Cape Town: Henry Isaacs and Leonardo Appies and the New Student Activism in the Western Cape, 1973-1976

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Edward Webster

Hidden Voices: The Promise and the pitfalls of The Durban Moment


Glen Moss

Durban in Elgin? The Nusas planning seminar, December 1973

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Goolam VahedThe Natal Indian Congress, 1971-94Download full paper

Halton Cheadle

Reflections on the Legal Aspects of the Durban Moment


Horst Kleinschmidt

Reflection on NUSAS and the Christina Institute

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Dr Ian Macqueen 

Collaboration and Debate in the ‘Durban Moment’: Steve Biko, Richard Turner and the politics of Black Consciousness, 1970-1973

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Johann Maree  

Transforming worker militancy into democratic worker power: The Durban strike wave and the emerging trade union movement in KwaZulu-Natal, 1973-1979

John Mawbey   

Locating municipal workers in the moment of 1973

Raymond van Diemel

Who kept the fire burning? A Comparison of the Durban (Native) Riots of 1929 and those of 1973

Richard Pithouse

Fidelity to the Durban Moment After Marikana?

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Sam Moodley

Black Theatre an expression of Black Consciousness

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Saths Cooper

An overview of the significance and role of black consciousness

Sharad Chari

Remains of a Moment:  Questioning revolution, expertise and community 

Sian Byrne

“Building Tomorrow Today”: a re-examination of the character of the controversial “workerist” tendency associated with the Federation of South African Trade Unions (Fosatu) in South Africa, 1979 – 1985.

Steven Friedman

Class Struggle And The Classroom: Radical Social Thought And The Durban Moment

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Taylor Sparrow 

The weight of absence: Rick Turner and the end of The Durban Moment

Tolga TÁ¶ren

Trade Union Imperialism in South Africa: US Labour Relations with the Trade Union Council of South Africa – 1960 - 1973

Wesley Seale

From Resistance to Reconstruction: Reconfiguring the political culture in South Africa with a special focus on the Eastern Cape

Xolela Mangcu

Steve Biko within the social milieu of what Tony Morphet called the Durban Moment



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