Cape Town Civic and Community Organisations, 1980s

The 1980s in Cape Town witnessed the emergence of civic and community organisations that challenged the apartheid government. Despite the differing ideological thrusts, suspicions and racial divisions, civic and community organisations played an important past in the liberation struggle in the Western Cape, particularly in Cape Town. The 1980-1984 period was an intense time for the recruitment, training and building of community organisations. It also triggered heated debates among the various political tendencies of the Western Cape. The New Unity Movement, the Western Cape Action League, black consciousness groups and the Charterist Movement debated questions such as who should be included in people’s organisations, the nature of working-class leadership and, most crucially, the strategy and tactics of political mobilisation.

Last updated : 04-May-2012

This article was produced by South African History Online on 30-Jun-2011

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