List of women detained/imprisoned

  • Arenstein, Jackie
  • Barenblatt, Yetta
  • Bunting, Sonia
  • Cachalia, Mrs. Miriam (Robben island)
  • Christopher, Ms. Gadja (Gadija) (Robben island)
  • Cooper, Mrs. Vinod (Robben island)
  • Desai, Mrs. Amina Suliman Nagdee (Robben island)
  • Elkon, Miss Debbie (Robben island)
  • First, Ruth
  • Fitzgerald, Mrs. Hanchen Elizabeth (Robben island)
  • Hogan, Barbara (Robben island)
  • Hunter, Ms. Kathy (Robben island)
  • Joseph, Helen
  • Klugman, Ms. Barbara (Robben island)
  • Levitan, Mrs. Esther (Robben island)
  • Mashaba, Bertha
  • Mdingi, Gloria (Robben island)
  • Meer, Miss Zohra (Robben island)
  • Middleton, Jean
  • Moola, Mrs. Zubeida (Robben island)
  • Naidoo, Miss Nalini (Robben island)
  • Naidoo, Phylis . (Robben island)
  • Naidoo, Mrs. T. (Robben island)
  • Neame, Sylvia
  • Ngoyi, Lilian
  • Nyembe, Dorothy
  • Patel, Ms. Suryakala (Suriakala) (Robben island)
  • Pahad, Mrs. Amina (Robben island)
  • Rabkin, Sue (Robben island)
  • Roux, Miss Rene (Robben island)
  • Schreiner, Mrs. Jennifer (Robben island)
  • Schermbrucker, Leslie
  • Shanley, Dorothy
  • Smith, Ms. Daphne (Robben island)
  • Solly, Ms. Violet (Robben island)
  • Weinberg , Violet
  • Yarwitch, Miss Joanne (Robben island)

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