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His writings

This list makes no claims to be comprehensive.  It was compiled by Catherine Dubbled in October 1996 and updated in March 2006. There will be more updating in terms of adding more documents and articles that are to be scanned in the coming few months.

Published Works

Black consciousness and white liberals.  Reality, July 1972. 1 leave.   J.T.

Dialectical Reason. Radical philosophy,   no. 4.  Spring.  1973.  4 leaves.     2 copies. J.T.

The East London strikes. South African labour bulletin, 1 (5), August 1974: 26-32 (article written by Rick Turner under the name G. Maré).

The eye of the needle: an essay on participatory democracy.  (SPRO-CAS 2).  Johannesburg: SPRO-CAS, 1972.  90p.

The eye of the needle: toward participatory democracy in South Africa. Maryknoll (NY) : Orbis, 1978.  173 p.

The eye of the needle: towards participatory democracy in South Africa.  Johannesburg:  Ravan,  1980.  155 p.

Human models and economic systems.   Reality,  vol. 2  no. 5,  Nov 1970.   22-24.  J.T.

Ideology.  Radical, no. 2, 1969.  1-8.  2 copies. J.T.  (Written by Rick Turner under the name G. Siann)

Letter to parliament. South African outlook, June 1978: 84-87.

Marcuse: the power of negative thinking.  Bolt, 1 (2), August 1970: 14-16.

Marcuse: the power of negative thinking.  Radical, 1970.  29-33 p.  J.T.

Marcuse: the power of negative thinking.  Radical 1970: a journal of radical thought and expression,  29-33. (another copy)

The necessity of Utopian thinking.  South African outlook, June 1978:  83-84.

Participatory democracy.  South African labour bulletin, 4  (7),  November  1978:  63-76.

The relevance of contemporary radical thought in Randall, P.:  Directions of change in S.A. politics.  Johannesburg:  SPRO-CAS,  1971:  73-85.

Report by Rick Turner on the Arts Festival which was then planned for July 4th Interim report of the Commission of Enquiry into Certain Organisations  (The Schlebusch Commission), RP 33/1974.  Annexure Y:  628-629.

Sartre and Ryle on the imagination.   8 p.   Typescript.  Published in South African Journal of Philosophy. 1968,  April 20-28. J.T.

Teaching social justice in Kleinschmidt, H.  White liberation: a collection of essays.   (SPRO-CAS 2)   Johannesburg:  SPRO-CAS,  1972.

Turner on Stock.  Dome, 15/3/1971.

What is political philosophy?  Radical, 68, 4 leaves.   Typescript.  J.T.

Unpublished Works

Aspects of liberalism. 13 pp. Mss.

Bio: Introduction: religion, man, society.  10 pp.  typescript. C6 J.T.

Chapter 3. Consciousness and freedom. [N.d.]  31 p. 

Fetishism and the labour theory of value.  [N.d. (pre 1973)]  11 p. (Student notes or student publication)

Kant: time and the kingdom of ends.  [N.d.]  [86 p.] From Rousseau to Sartre.  [N.d.]  27 p.  [Introduction]Ms. Notes  [on the history of dialectical reason (?)]. [N.d.] [92 p.] [One-off criticism of Althusser]Rousseau and the problem of reason. [N.d.]  36 p.

Marx, Engels and the dialectics of nature [25 leaves of typescript] J.T.

Marxist theory – introductory notes. 17-6-1972.  [41 p.]   [Class notes]

Marxist theory – introductory notes. 41 pp.  typescript. (J.T.)

Marxist theory – introductory notes 41 leaves typescript  (J.T.) A. Being and nothingness 105 leaves

Memorandum to Commission of inquiry into certain organisations. 6 pp.   Typescript. Signed

Notes on Sartre’s Political Theory  [Version of Thesis]

Chapter 1: The nature of Political Theory 7 leaves

Chapter 2: The ghost in the machine 8-13

Chapter 3: Consciousness and freedom 1-10

Chapter 4: Value and situation 11-19

Chapter 5: Choice 20-31

Part 2:  The critique of dialectical reason

Chapter 6: Introduction 11

Chapter 7: Praxis and scarcity 1-7

Chapter 8: Alienation and the series 8-15

Chapter 9: The group 16-23

Chapter 10: Class 24-40

Chapter 11: Political and ethical implications 41-48

Bibliography 49-50 (J.T.)

Chapter 3: Consciousness and freedom. [N.d.] 31 p. 

Notes on Sartre’s political theory   [Thesis?] [40 leaves of typescript] J.T.

Politics and race in Calvinist theory. 17 p. Mss. Politics and race in Calvinist theory. Typescript. 10 pp.   J.T.

Politics and race in Calvinist theory. 17 p. Mss. Politics and race in Calvinist theory. Typescript.  10 pp. J.T.

Reflections on an uncritical self-critic. [N.d.]  65 p. J.T.

Should South African Students Riot? 4 p. Typescript. J.T.

South Africa: the present as history.  Lecture 3. (Extension lectures, University of Natal). 25/9/1972. T/GN 5 PP. Typescript J.T.

A SPRO-CAS PAPER September 1972 ….. included to assist discussion particularly in relation to the Eye of the  Needle …by Dr Richard Turner. 2 p. diag J.T.

Articles, etc. On Turner

-----------------. Richard Turner.  Reality, 10 (2),  March 1978, 2-3.

Celebration of the life of Richard Turner [including] memorial service for Dr Rick Turner.   6pp. (4 pp. printed plus illus. plus 2 pp. inserted  typescript. G.D.

Duminy, Andrew: Turner.  New nation,  April 1973:  3,  5.

Fluxman, Tony and Peter Vale:  Re-reading Rick Turner in the New South  Africa.  International relations, 18  (2)    173-188.

Gardner, Colin: Rick Turner’s continuing challenge.  Reality May 1981   J.T.

Greaves, Duncan:  ‘Pessimism of the mind but optimism of the will’: Richard Turner’s politics 1968-1973.  Paper for submission to the Southern African Studies Seminar, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg.  25 September 1984.  47 p.

Morphet, Tony: Biographical introduction in  The eye of the needle, Johannesburg: Ravan, 1980, viii-xxxiv.

Nash, Andrew:  History and consciousness in South Africa today: an essay on the political thought of Richard Turner.  [N.d.]  41 pp.  Unpublished Ms.

Nash, Andrew:  The philosophical tasks which face us in South Africa today.  1982.  10 pp.  Unpublished Ms.

Nupen, Charles.  Know your staff.  Dr Rick Turner. Dome.   17 September 1970.   p. 17.   G.M

Book Review[s]  The eye of the needle.  Pro Veritate 15 September 1972.  p. 12.  Christian neo-Marxism (W.A. de Klerk)  Pro Veritate.  15/9/72.   p.  12.

Attached to:

Book review of Eye of the needle – newspaper cutting 3/12/80Cutting from Beeld 18/12/80Rick Turner’s continuing challenge Colin Gardner, Reality May 1981  J.T.

Rick Turner Memorial Lectures

1986  Du Toit, André: University Forum Lecture, UND, 25 September

1987  Greaves, Duncan: Richard Turner and the politics of emancipation.  Theoria, 70 : 31-40.

1988 Nupen, Michael Philosophy and the crisis in South  Africa.  Transformation, 7: 37- .

1989  De Kadt, Raphael Modernity and the future of democracy. Theoria,  74:  45- 

1990 Morphet, Tony ‘Brushing history against the grain’: oppositional discourse in South Africa. Theoria,  76:  89-99.

1990 Lawrence, Ralph Shaping democracy in a future South  Africa.  Theoria,  76:  101-114.

1991 De Kadt, Elizabeth Language, power and emancipation: a South African perspective. Theoria,  78:  1-15.

1993  Webster, Eddie Moral decay and social reconstruction:  Richard Turner and radical reform. Theoria, 80: 1-13.

1995 Sitas, Ari Reconstruction in transformation.  [In process of publication]

1996 Hemson, Crispin Rick Turner and the politics of learning (Lecture delivered 24/10/1996 – UND)

1997 Turner, Jann Why the Empire struck back. 29/3/1997 – delivered May 1997. [transcript of 9 pp] J.T. SASO TRIAL:

Turner’s Evidence

In the Supreme Court of South Africa (Transvaal Provincial Division) Case No. 18/75/254

In the matter of:  The State vs. S. Cooper and eight others. Vol.  56,  pages  3005 - 3115

Lubbe recordings  (Pretoria) Vol. 57 pp. 3116 - 3240

Reportbacks from Canvassing

Reportbacks from canvassing […“from an education project (1970?)  that Rick had directed into a teach-in in the Student’s Union and a door-to-door canvassing of Durban’s White population.  This approach got students to confront not only the population but also their own commitment and ability to argue their case against, at times, immense prejudices.”  - Gerry Maré]

Shall liberalism dictate? 2 p. TypescriptGetting the facts straight. 2 p. Typescript[Canvassing report] 2 p. 2 copies. TypescriptHow many protests have you attended??  1 p. TypescriptNews sheet 20/5/70. 1 p. Typescript22 detainees: outcry mounts. 1 p.TypescriptWe protested then and now?  1 p. TypescriptFact sheet…Is this a police state? 2 p. TypescriptWhy should you protest? 1 p. Typescript ± 25 pages of handwritten reportbacks. G.M.