Pretoria the Segregated city

Post-1948 Legislation

This period marks the beginning of the rise of apartheid. Although South Africa was already a very segregated country, apartheid laws introduced after 1948 made segregation far more harmful to the non-White population. These laws entrenched the idea of separate development and ensured that White supremacy was systematised. The intention of the National Party in 1948 was to reinforce constitutionally the segregation of the Black populations of South Africa from the White minority as a means of upholding the political, economic and social supremacy of White South Africa.

Nelson Mandela wrote: “Apartheid……represented the codification in one oppressive system of all the laws and regulations that kept Africans in an inferior position to whites for centuries…The often haphazard segregation of the past three hundred years was to be consolidated into a monolithic system that was diabolical in its detail, inescapable in its reach and overwhelming in its power.” (D Mason, 2003)