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Built over the past 21 years, South African History Online (SAHO) is currently the most comprehensive and widely used digital collection on South Africa’s history and its liberation struggle, in the world. In 2019, prior to the devastating Covid epidemic, over six million visitors used the SAHO website.

We need your support to continue to present a new history for a new democracy and to serve the educational and research needs of the growing worldwide community of academics, students, teachers, journalists, and history and heritage activists who use SAHO’s resources.

Your contribution will assist SAHO to continue its mandate to tell the stories of a people whose centuries long struggle for freedom and dignity remains a beacon for all who value freedom and democracy.

Furthermore, your donation will ensure that SAHO continues to contribute to support new research, teaching and learning and shaping of values of the new South Africa and its fledgling democracy.

SAHO achieves this through a range of effective educational projects, popularising a new history, supporting community histories and heritage initiatives.

SAHO needs your support to stay independent, informative, and relevant.

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Purchase a limited edition archival photographic print or Book by our award winning CEO Omar Badsha. All profits will go towards SAHO.

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