ANC wins local elections

Wednesday, 1 November 1995

The African National Congress (ANC) secures an impressive victory in the local government elections, consolidating its dominant role in South African politics. The ANC's victory contradicts opposition assertions that its grassroots support had collapsed because of the slow implementation of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP). However, political analysts believe that the masses could not abandon the ANC at an early stage of democracy because they believe splitting their votes might bring back in power the National Party (NP), a situation they regarded as untenable.

Final results gave the ANC 66.37 % of votes and followed by the NP in distant second with 16.22 % of votes, whilst other parties failed to get control of a single council. The local elections were held throughout the country with the exception of the KwaZulu-Natal, where it was declared it was not safe to conduct elections. The elections effectively completed the dismantling of the apartheid government system, ending segregated local administration.


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Last updated : 01-Nov-2013

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