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Historical Background Barberton, the Daisy town, was named after Henry Barber in 1884, 24 July by the Gold Commissioner David Walson, after Barber and his cousin Fred discovered gold in the area. The mining of gold in South Africa began in Barberton, where Tom McLachlan found the first traces of alluvial gold in 1874. Since then, gold fields flourished as fortune seekers flocked to the area in search of gold. Today, the town has four gold mines that are more than 100 years and still in.. read more
Khoikhoi name for Rietfontein, station of the London Missionary Society, established in 1801 by William Anderson 1769-... read more
Aalwynkop is a hill located in Central Karoo District Municipality.
Railway siding between Kommadagga and Sailtaire.
Settlement on the Nuy River, 7km from Worcestor. The name is Dutch for 'at the thorns'.
Found north of the olifants River, 7km east of De Rust. The name is afrikaans in origin and means 'pleasant'
Stream rising at Cornellsberg in the Richtersveld. The name means 'hartebees river' and refers to this species... read more
Stream rising at Cornellsberg in the Richtersveld. The name means 'hartebees river' and refers to this species... read more
Stream rising at Cornellsberg in the Richtersveld. The name means 'hartebees river' and refers to this species... read more
A ravine 10km south-west of Kwaggafontein. The name is Afrikaans for 'monkey ravine'.
Watercourse extending east and west, 14km west of Brandfort. Afrikaans for 'water-vein thorn stream'
Rocks in water in Holbaai, 6km west of Betty's Bay Name comes from Afrikaans meaning 'bait bank'.
10 km south-east of Kirkwood and north of the Sunday's River. The name recorded as early as 1778 is of Khoikhoi... read more
This spectacular sandstone mountain is a backdrop for the town of Zastron, in the south-eastern Free State province of... read more
A hill on which northcliff water tower is situated, some 10km north-west of Johannesburg. Originates from Dutch, '... read more
Cliff on the New Year's River in the Albany district. The name is Afrikaans for 'vulture cliff'. The Xhosa... read more
Located 25km north-east of Mata Mata in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. The name originates from Khoi origin and... read more
Watering place south of the Koa River Valley, south of Steinkopf. The name is derived from Khoikhoi and means '... read more
Zulu name for ridge on the mountains in Drakensberg, including such peaks as Cathedral Peak, the Bell, the Outer Horn... read more
Khoikhoi name of Rooiberg, some 10km from Eksteenfontein . Translated from Afrikaans means 'red mountain'.
Old Khoi name for Rooilyf, a railway siding 17km north of Groblershoop, on the way to Sishen. The name means 'red... read more
Railway station just south of Karibib, on the route to Swapkopmund. 
The name in Khoi means 'red hill tree'. This refers to the Pepper Trees, the berries of which give a reddish... read more
the name being a Khoikhoi name for Rooilepel, and means 'red spoon' when translated from afrikaans. 
a range 150km from Springbok. The name of Khoikhoi origin and means 'to carry on ones back'; the mountain looks... read more
Railway station some 34km from Port Nolloth. It takes its name from the sorrounding plain, known as Abbevlak. The name... read more
Mountain on the Lesotho border, 40km south-west of Bergville. The name is in keeping with those of other mountains in... read more
Hill situated, south of Barbeton named after J Abott, a prospector who looked for gold in the Barbeton district in the... read more
North-east of Nakop, on the road between Upington and Noenieput. the name has Khoikhoi origins and thought to mean... read more
Old Khoikhoi name for Warmbad. it means 'place of cleansing', or washing
Mountain pass between Hoedspruit and Ohrigstad. Named after J G Strydom ,a well known farmer and civil servant, from... read more