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This article uses material from the " Evolution of the Map of Africa"

As Africa was largely unexplored by Europeans for many centuries the maps that were created were by and large grossly inaccurate. They are still a fascinating look into

Following the wave of independence which swept the African continent in the 1960s, integration schemes became an increasingly important tool for facilitating economic growth and development in recently decolonised African economies.

Successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the African Union (AU) is a multilateral institution established in 2002 that attempts to address a broad variety of challenges facing the African continent, including regional integration, security and underdevelopment.

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Situated north of the Sahara desert. Algeria shares a common border with Libya, Tunisia, Niger, Mali, and Morocco. Algeria has access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Algerian history spans... more

Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde as the nation now prefers to be called) is located on an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the West coast of Guinea-Bissau. The first permanent settlers of the... more

The Comoros archipelago African islands are situated in the western Indian Ocean.

The Comoros nation became Islamic in the early 16th century. The Arabs first used these islands as a... more