The national Chairman of SABRA warns of sour relations in the Union


A handshake between two racial groupsA handshake between two racial groups. Source:: http://mikeytherhino.wordpress.c

Saturday, 10 September 1960

“Recent events in Africa have robbed the Union of precious time. This country now has less than 10 years to adjust its race relations.”This was a warning by national Chairman of South African Bureau of Racial Affairs (SABRA), Dr. A.L. Geyer. His utterances came during the opening of the Bureau’s Transvaal Congress in Pretoria on 10 September 1960.

Geyer was the former South African High Commissioner in London and former editor of the Nationalist newspaper “Die Burger”. He added: “We must move faster in forming economically viable Bantu homelands, faster enough at least to make the pattern of development apparent, and in any case faster than we have moved hitherto.”


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