Chief Bhambatha kaMancinza Zondi

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Bhambatha and his helper.


Chief of the AmaZondi Chieftaincy and leader of the Bhambatha Rebellion of 1906

First name: 
Bhambatha kaMancinza
Last name: 
Date of birth: 
Location of birth: 
Mpanza, Greytown, Natal Colony

Chief Bhambatha (sometimes spelled Bhambada) was born in Mpanza near the town of Greytown, Natal Colony. He was the son of Chief Macinga of the abakwa Zondi chieftaincy, and his mother, principal wife of Macinga, was the daughter of Chief Pakade of an important Zulu chieftaincy, the Cunu.

From early childhood, chief Bhambatha became renowned for his athletic skills, the use of assegais, and running. He was nicknamed Magadu meaning “one who took a duiker for his model”. His other names were kaMancinza, kaJangeni, kaMangenge, kaNomashumi, kaNondaba, and kaTetane, KaGasa.

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