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Jimi Matthews was born in 1955 in Cape Town, Western Province (now Western Cape) and raised here.  After school he enrolled at a univer... read more
Thembisile Chris Hani was born in the rural village of Sabalele, in the Cofimvaba region of the former Transkei. He was the fifth of the six... read more
Sister Bernard Ncube was born in Johannesburg in 1932. She attended Roma College in Lesotho, where she received a diploma in Theology and in... read more
Jacobus Hercules de la Rey was the sixth child of Adrianus Johannes and Adriana (van Rooyen). He was born near Winburg on 22 October 1847. A... read more
Allan Aubury Boesak was born at Kakamas, Northern Cape, one of eight children. His father, a schoolteacher, died when Boesak was six years o... read more
Ray Alexander Simons née Alexandrowich was born on 12 January 1913 in Latvia. While at school, she displayed little fear in challenging auth... read more
Omar Badsha was born in Durban in 1945 and grew up in a Gujarati Muslim family.  His grandparents emigrated to South Africa from India... read more
Wilfrid Edward Cooper was born on 22 May 1926 in Observatory, a suburb of Cape Town, Cape Province (now Western Cape Province) and lived in... read more
Gertrude Hope Posthumus, the second-youngest of eight children was born in King Williamstown but grew up Worcester where her father, an engi... read more
Born at Mafeking in 1885, grandson of the great and distinguished Natural Ruler of the Barolong Tribe. He received his early education at hi... read more
Sydney Mufamadi was born on 28 February 1959 in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. Mufamadi is the eldest of the four children of Masindi and... read more
While in exile, Ngwevela procured a Diploma in Political Science at the Pushkin International Institute in Moscow in October 1980. From Sept... read more