Jannie “Jan Bek” Momberg

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Jannie Momberg


Socialite, Politician, Sports Administrator, One of the founding members of the Democratic Party, Former ANC Member of Parliament and South African Ambassador to Greece

First name: 
Jannie "Jan Bek"
Last name: 
Date of birth: 
27 July 1938
Location of birth: 
Stellenbosch, Cape Province
Date of death: 
7 January 2011
Location of death: 
Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

Jannie Momberg was born in Cape Town, Stellenbosch on the 27th July 1938 and matriculated at Paul Roos Gymnasium. He later studied at Stellenbosch University where he is reputed to have been a ladies’ man, a socialite and-rebel. It is believed that as a young man he befriended B. J. Vorster’s daughter, thereby developing a close relationship with the party’s Head. As a result of being a motor-mouth, Momberg was then nicknamed “Jan Bek”.

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