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(prior to 1910)

In 1700 Governor Willem van der Stel was granted land some 9km outside Cape Town, which he named De Nieuwe Land or Nieuwland and developed as a country residence. This included a modest lodge, a formal garden and an oak plantation. It remained the property of the VOC, and over the years became a gracious residence for high-ranking Company officials.

In 1791 the property was sold to the first of a series of private individuals, and although it reverted back to Government ownership in 1805, it was resold in 1826 and remained in private hands thereafter. During the 1860s it was let to the Colonial Government and became a country residence for Cape Governors. The village of Newlands was probably established at about the same time.The railway line from Salt River reached Newlands on 19 December 1864.

Prepared by Franco Frescura.

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Last updated : 27-Apr-2018

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