Chief Albert John Luthuli

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The PEC held its ordinary meeting on 27th August 2011 to deliberate on various political and organizational matters. more
"Face the future" 8 August 1960 The white minority rule policy of segregation and more so its virulent form, more
This speech was made to the first Natal Congress of the People held. in Durban. It was cited in the Treason Trial and more
The President of the African National Congress Comrade President Zuma will be visiting Upington as part of the launch more
22 December 1996, Groutville Comrade chairperson; Members of the Luthuli family; Minister and Premiers; Leaders and more
Joint statement by Chief Albert J. Lutuli and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1962 In 1957, an unprecedented more
Historical Context to Luthuli Chronology While Luthuli himself preferred another spelling and signed his name without more
The African National Congress is aware of the intended march by the Democratic Alliance to the ANC Headquarters, Chief more
(Speech at a public meeting organized by the South African Congress of Democrats in Johannesburg in 1958 to hear the more
From: South Africa Freedom News, Dar es Salaam The University of Algiers has conferred an honorary Doctorate of more
Natal through its accredited delegates whose stand was fully endorsed at the Conference of the African National more
ANC Headquarters Luthuli House has been evacuated following an incident at the entrance to the building. The details of more
Chief Lutuli intended to address a meeting in Johannesburg on July 11, 1954, in protest against the Western Areas more
The African National Congress in the Northern Cape will be launching the Luthuli Volunteer Corps; thousands of more
Sons and Daughters of Africa, Africa! Africa! Mayibuye! Inkululeko Ngesikathi Sethu! Freedom in Our Lifetime! My first more
Many problems face the emergent Black States in this continent. Among these problems are: the avoidance of economic more
This is an excerpt from a special message to the 44lh Annual Meeting of the ANC held in Bloemfonlein in 1955. It also more
My people, my sons and my daughters As I pace the floor of my bedroom in the Grand Hotel, Oslo, putting the final more
Chief Lutuli addressed this letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of the African National Congress, suggesting a more
The result of the General Election has brought about no real change. If anything, it has given the Nationalist Party a more
Your Majesty, Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, here present! On an occasion like this words fail one. This is the more


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