From the book: A Documentary History of Indian South Africans edited by Surendra Bhana and Bridglal Pachai

Moonsamy Naidoo charged that the South African Indian Congress consisted of a few wealthy 'Mohammedans and banias', and no mandate to speak on behalf of the community. He supported Aiyar's stand, which was apparently reported in the newspapers before the manifesto had been presented to the Prime Minister. Source: Natal Mercury, 18 March 1927.

I and my brother Indian farmers have been reading with great interest the exposure made by you and by Mr. P. S. Aiyar regarding the mischief-making of the so-called Congress, and as tillers of the soil and permanent settlers in the country, we say that the Congress is doing great injury to the public. I am glad at least one man has come forward to show them up in their true colours. In order to get more trade licences for the members of the Congress, labouring class Indians' rights were bartered and, again, the municipal franchise rights of Indians were exchanged to obtain appeal rights for trading interests. In a word, time after time, this Congress, which consists of a few wealthy Mohammedans and banias, has sold our rights in the name of the community for their sole benefit. Congress tells the Government that Indians are willing to repatriate themselves. What right have they to do this? We farmers have had a meeting, and decided to tell the Government through you that we are not going to repatriate ourselves. Why should we? We are not doing any harm to anyone; we are not competing with you. On the other hand, our children and we work hard and till the soil, make a living, spend all our money here. We don't send it to India; we live here and hope to die here. I don't see why we should leave this country and look for pastures new. The bones of my forefathers rest in this country, and it is a sacrilege for me to leave it. If Kajee, Sorabjee and Godfrey want trading rights and franchise rights, we are not going to allow getting it by shouldering us out of the country. I think if the followers of the Congress want these rights, they make a mistake to think that they will get it in this way. We Indian farmers are determined to challenge these mischief-makers for their claim to speak for us. This Congress has become a public nuisance and I hope leading men like Nayanah, L. R. Gopaul and others will join hands and save the poor Indians from their impending ruin! I challenge Congress leaders to state in public how many Indian farmers and labourers are members of their body.