The historical debates aside, the significant revolutionary changes in the nineteenth century provided the base on which many of the identities of South Africans have been founded. The century witnessed an explosive growth in the number of African and white states, as well as heightened levels of military, political and social conflicts that resulted in massive dislocation of communities. The establishment of the Boer republics and the subsequent hostile relations with African communities in the interior and the British in their coastal colonies laid a foundation of both co-operation and conflict. The extension of British power in the Cape, Eastern Cape and Natal contributed to the pattern of state formations in South Africa.



Chapter 1 - State Formation in Nineteenth-century South Africa by Yonah Seleti

Chapter 2 - Imperialism and the Union in South Africa by Timothy Keegan

Chapter 3 - The Socio-economic Impact of the Mineral Revolution on South African Society by Drusela Numvuzo Yekela