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Author: Riashnee Pather
Introduction We are not dealing with sets of statistics. We are talking about people of flesh and blood, who laugh and cry, who love and hate, who enjoy being cuddled. We are talking about men who...
Click to read Critism and Censorship in the South African "Alternative" Press with particular reference to the cartoons of Bauer and Zapiro (1985 - 1990) - by Mario Pissarra
Click to read The Development of Indian Political Movements in South Africa 1924-1946 - by Essop Pahad
Click to read Now You Have Touched The Women - African Women
Class, Consciousness and Organisation: Indian Political Resistance in Durban, South Africa 1979 - 1996 - by Kumi Naidoo
Click to read Teacher Associations in "Indian" schools in the Transvaal
Click to read Extracts from the book 'A long walk to Freedom'. Nelson Mandela's autobiography
Click to read Representation & Reality: Portraits of women's lives in the Western Cape 1948 - 1976 by Helen Scanlon
Click here to read A Life's Mosaic - The Autobiography of Phyllis Ntantala
Publication date: 1992
Publisher: Berkeley: University of California Press
"...In chemistry the diamond, being pure carbon, is one of the most commone elements. Yet it fashioned by nature into a magnificent crystal with the most dramatic history of all gems..."...
Author: Emilia Potenza
Passive Resistance 1946 - A Selection of Documents, is a record of the second resistance movements waged by Indians in the country; the first was waged by Gandhi at the beginning of the century. The...
Author: E.S. Reddy & Fatima Meer
Click to read Women in South African History, edited by Nomboniso Gasa
Click to read Class and Colour in South Africa 1850-1950
Clcik to read Volume 1 edited by Thomas Karis and Gwendolen M. Carter


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