Flyer of the African Resistance Movement announcing its formation, June 12,1964

The African Resistance movement (ARM) announces its formation in the cause of South African freedom. ARM states its dedication and commitment to achieve the overthrow of whole system of apartheid and exploitation in South Africa. ARM aims to assist in establishing a democratic society in terms of the basic principles of socialism. We salute other Revolutionary Freedom Movements in South Africa. In our activities this week we particularly salute the men of Rivonia and state our deepest respect for their courage and efforts. While ARM may differ from them and other groups in the freedom struggle, we believe in the unification of all forces fighting for the new order in our country. We have enough in common.

The time for talking is past. The present regime and its supporters, internal and foreign, have shown that they are not prepared to respond in any way to the peaceful demands of the people of South Africa for full participation in all aspects of the political, economic and social life of the country. Instead, oppression has increased. ARM does not only talk. ARM acts. ARM has acted. ARM has declared and will declare itself through action. This is the only language our rulers understand. And ARM, with other freedom forces will harry and resist the oppressors until they are brought to their knees. White South Africa has often been given the opportunity to align itself with progress. It has constantly refused to do so. It has sought only to build for itself on the backs of the people a comfortable bastion of profit, power and privilege. ARM declares its fight not against the whites as such, but against the system they so jealously defend. ARM will avoid taking life for as long as possible. ARM would prefer to avoid bloodshed and terrorism. But let it be known that if we are forced to respond to personal violence--and we cannot forget decades of violence, torture, starvation and brutality against us--we shall do so.

For the present ARM will inconvenience and confuse. ARM will disrupt and destroy. ARM will strike where it hurts most. We will not cease until the present vicious system and rule by force is crushed. ARM does not wish to see one form of domination replaced by another. It works for a full political and social revolution. To Verwoerd, Vorster and their men we say: you will NEVER stop the pulse of the new society which even now, beats in our factories and cities, our mines and farms--and YOU KNOW IT. To the people of South Africa, we say: ARM NOW FOR FREEDOM.

• Karis, T.G. &amp; Gerhart, G.M. (1997 ). F<em>rom Protest to Challenge: A Documentary history of African politics in South Africa, 1882-1990, Vol 5: Nadir and Resurgence, 1964-1979

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