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The Slave Trade:

One of the most controversial issues regarding European intervention in Africa is the slave trade. The causes and results of the slave trade have been debated for a long time. The European slave trade stands out as the most brutal, widespread and damaging version of slavery ever encountered

The Ottoman Empire:

The powerful Ottoman Empire blocked European access to markets in the East. The Ottoman Turks controlled trade routes to the East.

The Americas by the 1500s:

'America' has more than one meaning. It is usually taken to mean the United States of America (USA), one of the countries on the North American continent. Americas the plural form, also refers to the continents and islands of North, Central and South America.

The impact of colonialism:

The main reason why Europeans began to search for a sea route to the East was to avoid paying expensive customs duties, or taxes. The rulers of every country between India and Europe charged a tax on the spice shipments as the goods passed through their land.

European Revolutions 1750-1850 :

In this topic we look at all of these changes, we examine political revolution (French revolution) and economic revolution (Industrial revolution), the transfer of wealth and power from the feudal aristocracy to the urban middle classes, and we compare the situation in France and England.

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