Make your own ROCK ART

Make your own ROCK ART 
Express your creative side! Make your own San rock art. 
  1. White A4 paper
  2. Paint or coloured crayons

For more fun why not use your fingers instead of paint brushes.

Use the favourite colours of the San. Hint: They
liked black, brown, red, yellow and white.
Why not paint traditional San rock art scenes: Hunting and animals.

Look at the following examples below:

Image source


For a simple design:

First paint the outline of the hunting or animal onto the paper in black.
Pick warm colours like red, yellow and brown to paint the animal in.
When you are finished, show mum and dad your wonderful rock art painting!

For a more difficult design
Paint a whole hunting scene and many animals using lots of different colours.

Last updated : 22-Mar-2017

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