Extension of University Education Act No 45 commences

Friday, 19 June 1959

This Act made provision for the establishment of separate tertiary institutions for Blacks, Indians, Coloureds and Whites. Blacks were not allowed to attend White universities unless with special permission by the government. The separation of these institutions was not only along racial lines but also along ethnic lines. The University of Fort Hare was opened for Xhosa speaking students only, while the University of the North in Turfloop was set up for the Sotho and Tswana students. Coloureds had their own University in Bellville, while Indians and Zulus had their universities in Durban-Westville and Ngoye (KZN) respectively. The provision of this Act was met with protest from most lecturers at Fort Hare. Prof Z.K. Matthews, who was a lecturer at Fort Hare, relinquished his position in protest against the Act.

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Last updated : 19-Jun-2014

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