About Legacy

Alexander’s inspiration is spurred by his many years as a pastor to the exiled and destitute in the inner-city of Pretoria. It was during this time, that he became acutely aware of the difficulties and injustices that they faced on a daily basis and how the sacrifices of some can make all the difference. Thus began his journey of producing this series of realist paintings which include renowned leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi and Princess Diana to mention a few. Also amongst these greats are South African Nobel Peace Laureates; Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, FW De Klerk and Albert Luthuli. He feels that these humanitarians have made a significant contribution in improving the lives of the poor and oppressed.

Alexander has integrated informative excerpts from each individual on the respective paintings with steel wire which he meticulously bent to frame each work. He believes that each quote fully encapsulates each individual’s passion. Furthermore, a short biography of each individual and their contribution to society is available. Included are unsung heroes such as the late AIDS activist Nkosi Johnson and missionary, Heidi Baker.

This exhibition encourages the viewer to live more selflessly, protest injustices and take a stand for virtuous living. The artist believes that the choices we make in life determine the kinds of legacies we leave behind.

Artist Statement

Marc Alexander was born in Pretoria, but now lives with his wife and four children in Fish Hoek Cape Town.

After a sojourn in charity work and helping street waifs, Marc has re-embarked on a fulltime career as an artist and freelance gallery curator.

His interest in art started when as a young child, Marc discovered an ability to replicate on canvas with accuracy what he saw in nature. He has been doing commissions ever since.

In December 1995 he started a seven year career at the Pretoria Art Museum as a Museum Technologist and within two weeks began a reproduction of a 17th Century Dutch Master’s painting. Since that time he has made near perfect replicas of some great pieces. During his time at the Pretoria Art Museum, Marc started to work amongst orphans and vulnerable street children, using art as a medium for healing. This turned into a very successful non-profit organization called ‘The Tshwane Art Kids,’ which brought healing and restoration to thousands of children.

Marc works mostly in oils in the style of the traditional realist. After seeing a vision of the completed work, he then breaks the image up into layers and painstakingly paints each until perfection is reached. He prefers to paint recognizable objects or elements that can be observed in nature and aims always to capture and poetically express subjects and themes about our world and the human condition, especially those things that cause us great joy or great sorrow.

In the past two years, Marc has caused a sensation in the art world, especially with his large portraits of Nelson Mandela. These are so lifelike and expressive that they caught the attention of the late Alf Kumalo – one of South Africa’s most famous photographers and personal friend of Nelson Mandela, who has shared with us his incredible journey to freedom that South Africa has experienced with his many iconic scenes of the anti-Apartheid struggle. Alf opened Marc’s

exhibition entitled “Legacy” at Art Afrique Gallery in March 2012. In December 2012 the exhibition was showcased again at the Studio Gallery in Kalk Bay to honour the life of Alf Kumalo.

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