Bennie Bethuel Albert RaKhoapa Khoapa was born in 1937,he grew up in Matatiela in the Transkei,He graduated from Adama College in 1956,and attended Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work in Johannesburg from 1957 to 1959.After four years as a personnel manager with a rubber company in Natal, he became national secretary for South African Young Men's Christian Associations in 1965,base in Durban.Five years later he encountered the emerging leadership of South Africa Students' Organisation(SASO),to whom he became an older advisor valued for his commitment,shrewdness,and practical exprience.He opened an office in the same Durban building that house SASO,and Black Community Programmes(BCP) was born with Khoapa as director and Steve Biko as youth organizer from mid-1972 until March 1973.

Police raids and harrassment accelerated,and in October 1973 Khoapa work for BCP from his Durban home until the organization was outlawed in the October 1977 crackdown.In 1978,fearing that his bans would be renewed,Khoapa left for Lesotho with his family and eventually settled in the United Stated.He earned a doctorate in social work from Case Western Reserve University in the U.S,and later taught at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.Khoapa returned  to SA and became registrar of the University of Fort Hare in 1991,then served as the principal of Technikon Natal from 1996 through its merger with Durban Institute of Technology in 2002.He later worked in several capacities to improve the quality of higher education,and founded the Mazisi Kunene Foundation to preserve and promote Kunene's writings.



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