The early records that were kept by the Black Sash and South Africa Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR),Mr JH was detained in August 1966 under the 180-day clause (section 215 bis of the Criminal Procedure Act No 96 of 1965). He was  detained for14 days at the Pretoria prison and died on 10th October 1966.An inquest into his death found that he had died by 'suicide by hanging'.

However on 29th March 1983 the minister of law and order revealed in parliament that Mr Hamakwayo had been detained on 28 September 1966 under section 17 of the General Law Amendment Act No 37 of 1963.He gave  the  cause of death as 'suicide' and confirmed other earlier information about Mr Hamakwayo.


Behind Closed Doors. By Shireen Motala .South African Institute Race Relations.1987.

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