Koelfontein has been the proud heritage of seven generations of the Conradie Family. Every person who has been fortunate enough to lay down roots on this farm is grateful for the life its soil has bestowed upon them and their families.
This is the legacy of Koelfontein farm, one which continues to sustain the lives of all who toil here in the Ceres valley to ultimately bring its bounty to other families far and wide.
Koelfontein is said to be a farm like no other. The Conradie family has farmed here for seven generations and their lives are deeply rooted in the soils of this land. It was the smallest of seven farms granted to pioneers who settled in the Ceres Valley around 1823. Daniël Jacobus Conradie bought the 2500 hectare farm in the warm Bokkeveld in 1832. The farm got its name from a natural spring found within its gates.
The main focus of this farm is the fruit and their orchards cover 185 hectares of the farm. Daniël built the first dwelling which is now known as Die Kelder and the wine tasting venue.
Wine grapes and brandy distilling are also a part of the farm and you can still find the brandy still on the grounds. Noble cultivars were first planted in the 1990’s, followed by Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties.
The Koelfontein wine label was launched in 2002 and since received many awards. The family tradition of distilling brandy is honoured to this day when witblits is distilled from Hanepoot wine made here.

18° 19' 51.6", -33° 35' 6"