Transcription of ANC Radio Freedom broadcast, 1969?

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Transcription of ANC Radio Freedom broadcast, 1969?

VOICE: This is the African National Congress. This is the African National Congress. This is the Voice of Freedom. The ANC speaks to you! Afrika! Afrika! Mayibuye!

SINGING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (NKOSI SIKELELE AFRIKA AND MORENA BOLOKA) VOICE: The time has come. This Government of slavery, this Government of oppression, this Apartheid monster must be removed from power and crushed by the People! It must be removed by force! They will never stop the pass raids, the arrests, the beatings, the killings--they will continue to drive us out of our homes like dogs and send us to rot in the so-called Bantu homelands, they will continue to pay us miserable wages, and treat us as their beasts of burden until the day we beat them up and crush white rule! This land of ours was taken away by bloodshed, we will regain it by bloodshed. Sons and daughters of Afrika, you in your millions who have toiled to make this country rich, the ANC calls upon you: Never submit to white oppression; never give up the Freedom struggle; find ways of organising those around you--the African National Congress calls you to be ready--to be ready for war! You will soon learn how to make a petrol bomb.

You will also learn how to shoot a gun. You must learn how to outwit the enemy, his spies and informers, and organise those around you. We are any, they are few. Our Coloured and Indian brothers must do the same. You must organise your people to fight the ghettoes and all the racial laws and in support of the armed struggle. We say to the enemy that we Á¢Â€Â¢will not be bluffed by your toy parliaments like Matanzima's, like the Coloured Council and like the Indian Council. We want Freedom now! REAL FREEDOM! But the whites will not give it to us. We have to take it. We have to take it by violence. We fight a guerrilla war. A guerrilla war is not a war of big armies. We have no big army. We organise ourselves into small groups. We attack the enemy suddenly when he is not expecting us. We kill them and take their guns and we disappear. Our brave young men have shown the way in their heroic battles in Rhodesia. Today they fight in Rhodesia, tomorrow they will fight in South Africa. All over the young men are showing the way. They are fighting the white racist armies in Angola, in Mozambique, in Rhodesia. The African National Congress calls upon you to prepare for the guerrilla war, the war of liberation. The ANC calls upon you to help our young men, our freedom fighters. We organise ourselves into small groups, we carry guns, suddenly we attack the enemy, we kill them and we take their weapons and we hide away--the forests, the mountains, the countryside, the People--hide the young men. Every one of you can help in this fight.

Everyone can be a freedom fighter. In your factory, in your school, on the land, in your church, wherever you are amongst the People--you must find a way of organising those around you. If you work carefully you will be able to cheat the enemy and his spies and informers. You must be prepared. You must be ready to sacrifice. We refuse to live on our knees. We refuse to say "Ja Baas." We must prepare to rise against the white oppressor. Nelson Mandela said he was prepared to die for the freedom of our People. What do you say, my dear young brother, my dear young sister? Sons of Sekhukuni, Sons of Shaka, Sons of Hintsa, Sons of Moshoeshoe--the time has come. Freedom lovers of South Africa, the time to fight has come. This is the message the African National Congress brings to you. You will soon learn how to make a petrol bomb. You will also learn how to shoot a gun. You must learn how to outwit the enemy and organise those around you. The enemy fears our organised might. We are many, the whites are few. We must find ways to organise our people. They pay us low wages because our skins are black, whilst the whites live in luxury. At work, in the factories, the mines, the docks, the offices, the kitchens, the fields, the railways, the roads, we demand equal pay for equal work NOW! They charge us high rents, high taxes, high fares on the trains and buses, we must organise in the townships, and in the streets and on the buses, we must demand a better life NOW! They give our children inferior education. We demand proper education that will enable our young people to be equal to other young people in the world. Our young people must be taught how to fly jet aeroplanes and how to fly the sputniks. In the schools, our young people must organise to resist Bantu Education. We demand free and equal education for all our children NOW! The whites have taken away the land of our people in the countryside, and have forced them to give up their cattle. We must resist the Matanzima stooges, we must resist the Bantu Authorities Act in the countryside. We want our land back. Our young men with guns will fight for it in the countryside.

They will deal with the stooges and informers, the police and the white soldiers. Our people in the countryside must be told of their coming. They must hide and feed our freedom fighters, they must make their path easy and the enemy's path hard. The African National Congress calls upon our people to prepare for guerrilla warfare, the People's War of Liberation, NOW! Guerrilla war has brought victory to the people of Algeria, to the people of Cuba, to the people of Vietnam. Those people did not have big armies. They were like us. Guerrilla fighters organise themselves in small groups. Suddenly when the enemy is not expecting them, they attack. They kill and grab the guns and disappear. You sons and daughters of the soil, you must consider yourselves as soldiers in the guerrilla war. There are many ways to be a freedom fighter. You will soon learn how to make a petrol bomb. You will also learn how to shoot a gun. You must learn how to outwit the enemy and organise those around you. We are many, they are few. The African National Congress calls on all the oppressed people to organise and struggle and prepare to fight in the towns and countryside. Our brave men of Umkonto we Sizwe have shown the way. They fought heroically in imbabwe. They will fight in South Africa. You must start to find places where you can hide the weapons you might come across. You must have secret addresses of your reliable friends who will agree to hide you or your weapons or other freedom fighters. You must be ready to sacrifice. You must start now to find hiding places. The countryside, the bush, the forest, the mountain--these will also become your secret addresses. The time has come. The African National Congress calls upon you to organise and to prepare. Death to racialism! Mayibuy' Afrika! Amandia! Ke Nako. Zemk' inkomo magwala ndini! Ayi Hlome!

[Now is the time. The cattle are being stolen, you cowards! Be armed!]



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