The Korean War ends


Korean War

Monday, 27 July 1953

The undeclared Korean War ended after three years of fighting between North Korean and Chinese Communists against the United Nations (UN) forces (mainly South Korean and American). The war started when armed forces of North Korea crossed the 38th parallel without warning and attacked South Korea on 25 June 1950. A SA fighting squadron, No 2 Squadron, known as Cheetah Squadron, comprised of 50 officers and 157 other ranks, including 38 pilots, all volunteers and highly experienced, sailed for Japan to offer assistance to the UN forces. Altogether 243 officers and 545 men of the S.A. Air Force and 23 officers and 15 men of the S.A. Defence Force saw service in Korea. Sources differ slightly on the number of South African casualties, but it can be assumed that thirty-four were killed or reported missing and a number wounded, while eight pilots were taken POW.

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