The Second Basotho War, known as Siqiti war, breaks out


King Moshoeshoe King Moshoeshoe Image Source:

Friday, 9 June 1865

Between 1858 and 1868 no less than three battles were fought between the Basotho and the Boers. All three wars were the result of conflict between the Basotho in what is now the Free State/Lesotho area and the Boers, who crossed the Orange River into Basotho territory sometime in the 1820s. The second Basotho war, dubbed the Seqiti war, took place seven years after the first one. Led by King Moshoeshoe I, the war lasted for almost two years.

The Basotho lost the second war after Moshoeshoe’s appeal for aid from the British government was unsuccessful. Moshoeshoe was forced to sue for peace and the Thaba Busio treaty was signed. However, the Basotho were soon dissatisfied with the terms of the treaty and that led to the third Basotho war.

• The Lesotho Embassy in the United States of America [online] Available

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