Sekhukhune successfully resists the Boers


King Sekhukhune

Tuesday, 1 August 1876

Sekhukhune I, King of the Bapedi, successfully resisted the Boers during a protracted Boer/Bapedi land ownership dispute. On 16 May 1876, the Volksraad of the South African Republic declared war on Sekhukhune and his followers. A Boer commando under President T.F. Burgers, armed with 7 pounder Krupp guns, reached the Bapedi stronghold on 1 August. The Bapedi, also armed with rifles, offered stiff resistance and inflicted a humiliating defeat on the well-armed Boer force. Even the support of an impi of Swazis, sworn enemies of Sekhukhune, could not secure a victory for Burgers. After the final assault on 2 August, the Boer commando retreated and went home, leaving a corps of volunteers behind under command of Capt. C. von Schlickmann, a former German officer. Click here to read more about the Bapedi.


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