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Frances Baard speaking at the launch of the United Democratic Front. 1983. © Rashid Lombard

The United Democratic Front (UDF) Women’s Congress was formed on the 23rd of April 1987, primarily as a body that will uphold the Freedom Charter and the Women’s Charter, both which were drawn up in the 1950s. The body was formed by all women’s organisations, which were United Democratic Front affiliates, and it included women’s co-operatives, women’s section of youth and civic organisations, unions and church groups. It was aimed at teaching men and women in the UDF about women’s oppression, increase women’s skills, and methods of how to do away with all forms of discrimination based on sex and to talk about women’s problems in all UDF organisations.

Last updated : 13-Aug-2012

This article was produced by South African History Online on 30-Mar-2011